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Bauen Machine Services

Full-Service Machine Shop Combining Cutting-Edge Technology With Expert Craftsmanship.

PRECISION. Tight tolerance and small part capabilities.
QUALITY. Highly skilled employees with over 50 years of machining experience.
DEPENDABILITY. Quick turn proficiency.

Tired of Not Getting the Attention You Deserve?
We offer unparalleled attention to your specialized machine shop project.


  • CNC Machining: Bauen provides custom high-speed CNC machining services for companies worldwide. Our specialized CNC machining equipment, highly skilled CNC machining operators and award winning customer service make us a better partner for your machine shop needs!
  • Contract Manufacturing: Bauen provides contract machining services. We are well-suited to provide ongoing, short & long production runs of machined components. As your contract manufacturer, we will provide confidentiality, cutting-edge equipment, and decades of experience, dependable quality, and on-time delivery.
  • Reverse Engineering: No drawings? No problem! Our customers frequently provide us with nothing more than an existing part. Our highly skilled engineers take measurements and observations from the part and translate them into extremely accurate CAD files.
  • Custom Fixturing: Some parts can’t be machined through traditional means. Bauen’s skilled machinists can design and build custom fixtures that allow even the most complex part to be efficiently machined. Our fixtures are used in our machinery and also in our customers’ machinery. Let us custom build a fixture for your shop!

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Experience Full-Service Machine Shop Combining Cutting-Edge Technology With Expert Craftsmanship.